Healing & Meditation

The rising popularity of alternative or holistic therapy can be gauged from the fact that today the sense of smell is also being used as a therapy to treat an amazing variety of ailments including stress.

Gem Therapy

The Tibetan System Of medicine
Originally, Tibetan medicine dates back to the pre Buddhist era. During the Bon Period, various healing techniques were devised and practiced. With the coming of Buddhism, medical knowledge became an integral part of religious doctrines and monastic discipline.

The Unani Systems Of Medicine
This ancient medical tradition, with its origins in the Mediterranean world was brought to India with the spread of Islamic civilization. The system came as a result of Muslim conquests in the region from around the 10th century A.D.

Traditional Systems Of Healing
The aim of achieving and maintaining an optimum state of health has always exercised the minds of men since the earliest of times and as a consequence various systems of healing developed in different parts of the world. Ayurveda evolved in India as the natural way of healing or naturopathy.