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The plant is toxic and is one of the few plants not consumed by the grazing animals. Due to its toxicity the latex extracted from the stem was traditionally used to make poison arrows. The extracts from different parts of the ark plant are of much healing value. The whole plant when dried and consumed is a good tonic, antihelmintic and an expectorant. The roots besides being endowed with similar qualities serves as an effective laxative. Traditionally the dried root is powdered and effectively used to cure bronchitis, asthma, leprosy, eczema and elephantiasis. The ark latex is processed and finds use in treating vertigo, baldness, hair fall, tooth aches, intermittent fevers, rheumatoid /joint swellings and paralysis. Leaves of ark are heated in oil and are of much medicinal value in treating joint pain and in reduce its swelling. Besides Ayurveda, Homeopathy also makes use of Calotropis as medicine. The pungent latex extracted from the leaves and flowers of Calotropis procera is processed and used in the commercial preparation of eye tonics. The alcoholic extracts of the plants have known to induce spermicidal and anti-microbial properties as well.
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