Caraway Seeds (Siya Jeera)
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 Caraway Seeds - Siya Jeera
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Caraway or Persian cumin(Carum carvi) is a biennial plant in the family Apiaceae.The caraway seeds, leaves and roots are considered useful in activating the glands, besides increasing the action of the kidneys. It is characterized as an excellent house cleaner for the body. Caraway oil is used in medicine to relieve flatulence. It is also used to correct the nauseating and griping effects of some medicines.romatic, stimulant and caraminative, it was widely used as a cordial to ease dyspepsia and hysteria. The oil is applied to treat flatulence and stomach disorders. Distilled caraway water is used to ease flatulent colic in infants and is an excellent childrens medicine. The bruised fruits were used to remove pain from bad earache and was also used as a poultice to take away bruises. Caraway is widely used as a flavouring for seed and seed-cakes.
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