Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower)
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 Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower)
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Carthamus tinctorius, commonly called Safflower is an annual plant belonging to the family of asteraceae. Other names for Safflower are American saffron, dyers saffron.Safflower oil has been used in varying doses in numerous clinical trials, and there is no proven effective dose. However, LiposynŽ is possibly safe when used for up to 10 days to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency. When administered to patients undergoing operations, 10-20% safflower oil emulsions as 30-50% of total caloric intake were found to be safe as a major component of adult parenteral nutrition for up to 42 days, including cardiopulmonary bypass patients, and in children for up to two weeks.For high blood pressure, 1-6 grams safflower oil daily for up to eight weeks has been used, as has 23 grams daily of linoleic acid or oleic acid (constituents of safflower seed oil) for four weeks. As an anti-coagulant (blood thinner), 60 milliliters daily of safflower oil for two weeks has been used. For atherosclerosis (lipid peroxidation), 15 grams of safflower oil daily has been used in postmenopausal women. Higher doses of safflower oil (102-132 milligrams per kilogram) daily have been studied for six weeks for cystic fibrosis.Ethyl ester of safflower oil and linoleic acid have also been taken by mouth. Continued topical application of safflower oil (60-70% linoleic acid) for at least 21 days has been used for fatty acid deficiency.
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