Depigmentation of Skin

 Ayurvedic Treatment for Depigmentation of Skin
Arogya Vardhini Capsule
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Synonyms of Depigmentation of Skin:
Leucoderma, Lightening of Skin; Loss of Skin Pigment; Skin Depigmentation, Vitligo.Cause with Symptoms & Signs
Leucoderma is skin condition characterized by gradual of malanin pigment from the skin layers which results in white patches.

According to ayurvedic view bhrajak pitta is responsible for the skin pigmentation. It is caused by some morbidity of the liver which results in a deficiency of pitta. In modern science its similar with melanin pigmentation. When melanin pigments production reduce in the body then dipigmentation symptoms appears. Bhrajak pittas balance treatment is successful in depigmentation.Some ayurvedic medicines like bakuchi is very effective in this.
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