Ayurvedic Treatment for fistula
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Fistulas can arise in any part of the body, but they are most common in the digestive tract. They can also develop between blood vessels and in the urinary, reproductive, and lymphatic systems. Fistulas can occur at any age or can be present at birth (congenital). Some are life-threatening, others cause discomfort, while still others are benign and go undetected or cause few symptoms. Diabetics, individuals with compromised immune systems (AIDS, cancer) and individuals with certain gastrointestinal diseases (Crohns disease, inflammatory bowel disease) are at increased risk of developing fistulas.
Fistulas are categorized by the number of openings they have and whether they connect two internal organs or open through the skin. There are four common types:

* Blind fistulas are open on one end only.
* Complete fistulas have one internal opening and one opening on the skin.
* Horseshoe fistulas are complex fistulas with more than one opening on the exterior of the body.
* Incomplete fistulas are tubes of skin that are open on the outside but closed on the inside and do not connect to any internal structure.
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