Piper Longum (Pippali)
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 Piper Longum (Pippali)
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Piper longum or Indian Long Pepper is commonly known as Pippali in India. Belonging to the Piperaceae plant family, It is cultivated all over India.Piper Longum is most commonly used to treat respiratory infections such as cough, bronchitis, stomachache, diseases of the spleen, tumors, and asthma. When applied topically, it soothes and relieves muscular pains and inflammation. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is said to be a good rejuvenator. Piper Longum helps stimulate the appetite and it dispels gas from the intestines. An infusion of Piper Longum root is used after birth to induce the expulsion of the placenta,It also has analgesic, tonic, stimulant, and carminative properties, and the oil of Piper Longum has antibacterial properties.
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