Pueraria Tuberose (Vidarikand)
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 Pueraria Tuberose (Vidarikand)
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Pueraria tuberosa, commonly called Vidarikand in India.Found in dry deciduous to moist deciduous forests.The other names for the herb are Indian Kudzu, Red Indian Kudzu, White Indian Kudzu, Siali, Dari,bidar. Kudzu tubers reduce dryness of the body and ease bowel movement. They are very helpful in relieving constipation.The herb acts as rasayana and slows down the ageing process.It strengthens body and boosts its immunity. Kudzu is used for the treatment of dysuria, cough, rheumatism, erysipelas and malarial fever. The roots are used as a demulcent and refrigerant in fevers. They are used as cataplasm for swellings of joints.The herb is an aphrodisiac, emetic and a general tonic.Kudzu rejuvenates the male reproductive system and increases both quality and quantity of semen that increase its count and mobility.The herb reduces vata and normalizes kapha, which increases shukra dhatu. This shukra dhatu helps in increasing hard erections, libido and sexual energy.It acts as a galactogogue and is very useful for nursing mothers.Including this herb in your diet rejuvenates skin and increases fairness and glow.Kudzu is widely used in skin diseases that cause discoloration.It revitalizes the whole body and increases muscle bulk.
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