Sida Cordfolia (Bala)
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 Sida Cordfolia - Bala
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Sida cordifolia well known in India as Bala, is a weed that grows wild in wastelands and along roadsides. They are found throughout the tropical and sub-tropical plains all over India.It belongs to the cotton family Malvaceae.This herb is extremely bitter (atitikta), yet madhura, and it is beneficial in deranged pitta. It cures diarrhea and is invigorating and nutritive. It is also efficacious in diseases caused by deranged kapha. The rejuvenating action of this herb extends to the nervous, circulatory, and urinary systems. It has a diuretic effect and is useful in urinary problems, including cystitis. Being cooling and astringent, it is used in inflammations and bleeding disorders also.
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